Cctv Camera Arrester Balun Video Signal Ibbitech

DOME Sony CCD IB6503S (IR)
1/3″ Sony CCD Color, 700 TVL, Low Lux : 0 Lux IR ON, 3.6 mm Lens, Power 12 VDC, 24 LED Infra Red

OUTDOOR cctv Sony CCD IB133S (IR)
1/3″ Sony CCD Color, 700 TVL, Low Lux : 0 Lux IR ON, Power 220 VAC, 80 LED Infra Red, 4 – 9 mm Varifocal Lens Distance 35 meters, Braket.

CCTV Video Balun
Video transmission via UTP CAT5 cable, 10-20% wire costs saved, Full-motion CCTV video atdistance up to 2000ft (Color 400m, B/W 600m)

CCTV Arrester – Penangkal Petir
Arus petir Imax = 10 KA

Audio CCTV Microphone
Power Supply DC 12V, Range 200Hz – 10 KHz, Monitor Area 5m² – 150m²

CCTV Video Signal Amplifier
Designed to improve ‘poor’ video signals. This amplifier can be coupled in-line or at the end of a coax video signal to improve video transmission and image quality. It helps with problems related to long cable runs.
Video BNC Input 1.0Vp-p to Output 2.5Vp-p Gain 6Db

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