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Latihan Soal Soal Gerund Blogger

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soal gerund 1 After ____ his pass he has allowed to enter the building a Shown b Have shown c Showed d Showing e To show 2 Although dino has denied ____ the money they are still suspecting him a Stolen b

Pengertian Dan Contoh Soal Dari Gerund Mulyaditecno11

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Pengertian dan contoh soal gerund 1 gerund gerund is a noun derived from the verb ing for example swimming eating fishing shopping dancing and singing When noted the gerund has the form with the same present

Tempat Berbagi Ilmu Gerund Soal Soal Latihan

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soal soal LATIHAN gerund soal soal LATIHAN perhatikan baik baik sola dibawah ini sebelum menjawab sermati terlebih dahulu jenis dan bentuk kalimat sehingga anda mendapatkan jawaban yang benar 1

Life Is Never Flat Soal Soal Gerund

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soal soal gerund INFINITIVE ADJECTIVE DLL 1 She promised to the doctor as soon as she returned home a to go b him to go c to go him to go 2 Franne encouraged for the job a me to apply b to apply

Contoh Kalimat Gerund Dunia Anak Dan Pendidikan

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gerund soal soal LATIHAN 1 ____ all the way make us tired a Walk b Walking c We walk d We have walked e By walking 2 I dont like ____ to another school a Mira moves b Mira shes moving c Mora move

Ambar Apin Sifilia Soal Gerund

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soal gerund 1 I used to enjoy the mountain a climbed b to climbed c climbed d climbing e the climb of 2 As a child he used to like a kite a played b to play c he played d playing e plays 3 What does this song remind

Soal Gerund Edis Blog

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soal gerund 1 The teacher decided accepting accepting to accept the paper 2 They appreciate having to have having this information 3 His father doesnt approve of his going going to go to Europe 4 Donna is

Contoh Soal Gerunds Infinitives Simple Form Verbs

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contoh soal Gerunds Infinitives Simple form verbs Participles Part II bine the following statements to make a single sentence I saw your friends They were watching the circus She didnte to the party Did you ask

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