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Pockie Ninja Ii Social: Unique Skills/ninjutsus And Effects

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Here is a list of available skill books or ninjutsus that you can equip to your ninjas' unique skill slots. Refer below to learn how to get them and to learn the effects of each skill book. Unique Skills are ninjutsus that will make your ninjas more 

Sagalorez.blogspot: Trick Pockie Ninja Ii Social

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Blue ninja ***** - Merekrut dari ninja Sekolah ***** - Blue Tas ninja ***** - ninja Sintesis Purple ninja ***** - Merekrut dari ninja Sekolah ***** - Purple Tas ninja ***** - ninja Sintesis ***** - ninja Saga red ninja

Pockie Ninja Ii Social: Trial

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Raffle Rewards! Gold ninja Pack: can obtain rare gold ninja. red ninja Pack: can obtain rare red ninja. EXP Pill: can increase ninja EXP Aptitude Pill: can reset ninja aptitude randomly. revival Talisman: can revive during the trial. Double EXP 

Password Kartu Yu-gi-oh! Gx The Beginning Of Destiny...

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Armed Dragon LV 3 - 00980973; Armed Dragon LV 5 - 46384672; Armed Dragon LV 7 - 73879377; Armed Dragon LV10 - 59464593; Armed ninja - 09076207; Armed Samurai - Ben Kei - 84430950; Armor Axe - 07180418; Armor Break - . Giant Rat - 97017120; Giant red Seasnake - 58831685; Giant Soldier of Stone - 13039848; Giant Trunade - 42703248; Gift of the Mystical Elf - 98299011; Giga Gagagigo - 43793530; Giga-Tech Wolf - 08471389; Gigantes - 

Ninja Revival Or Rebirth Guide

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The 5th revival will give 100% or x2 Force. - Blue Ninjas: No Requirements. - Purple Ninjas: 10,000 Ryo per revival. - red Ninjas: 200,000 Ryo for the 1st and 2nd. 200,000 Ryo and a number of red ninja revival order item for the next 

Pockie Ninja Ii Social: Tips, Tricks, Game Help And Info

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Start with Purple Ninjas then slowly upgrade to red or Gold ninjas, avoid Blue ninjas because you can get lots of purple ninjas through the "Daily Active Point" feature. - Always use Pockie ninja II Social: ninja revival or Rebirth Guide or.

Maestro~: Walkthrough Yu-gi-oh Gx Tag Force Evolution...

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09076207 Armed ninja 84430950 Armed Samurai – Ben Kei 07180418 Armor Axe 79649195 Armor Break 15480588 Armored Lizard 17535588 Armored Starfish 20277860 Armored Zombie 69296555 Array of Revealing Light 42364374 . 61740673 Imperial order 77084837 Inaba White Rabbit 33031674 Incandescent Ordeal 84173492 Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei 19847532 Infernal Flame Emperor 08581705 Infernal Queen Archfiend 74823665 Inferno 52684508 

Cara Mendapatkan Ninja Di Pockie Ninja2

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ninja Quality. Method. Blue. Recruit from ninja school; ninja gift pack,. ninja ,synthesis. Purple. Recruit from ninja school; ninja gift pack;. ninja synthesis; ninja saga. red. Recruit from ninja school; ninja gift pack;. ninja saga. ninja synthesis; friends invitation rewards;. Gold. ninja gift pack; ninja .. gan saya punya item red ninja revival . . tp gx bisa gunain'y. . . tolong bantuan'y gan. . 2/05/2013 11:48:00 AM · Ozi sii Sam (zamroji) mengatakan reply. @Anonim: Syarat 

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