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Portable Speaker Instructables

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I used about a 3 X 4 inch project box from RadioShack that fit the speaker i found appropriately you can use any size you please but for me the smaller the better to help with the portability part The small one i have doesnt sound very good at loud volumes either what you might want to do is search online for a speaker that is able to handle at least more than one watt the small one you were using can only handle 25 watts and your amp provides more than it can handle i bought a

Spion Motor Speaker Aktif Unik Suara Muantappp Gan

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membuat sound aktif di motor membuat sound system buat sepeda motor vario memasang speker aktiv pada mobil membuat box audio vespa membuat suara speker di motor supra x 125 membuat speaker bass rakitan merakit modifikasi sound sistem motor mio sporty modifikasi speaker aktif modifikasi speaker aktif untuk mobil Modip motor matic pake music full mega bass modipikasi suara mesin bunyi d sound modivikasi motor beat pareasi bok salon

Membuat Box Speaker Subwoofer Desain Sendiri Arjips Blog

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pada waktu itu saya sama sekali tidak punya pengetahuan membuat box speaker tetapi lebih ke trial error pengalaman pertama membuat box speaker dengan kayu lunak hasilnya buruk sekali suara bass tak keluar malah suara cocok untuk audio sistem rumahan yang biasanya dipergunakan untuk DVD media player Komputer ataupun game console sebenarnya box subwoofer mempunyai aneka desain baik itu untuk car audio speaker active multimedia

Anantha Blogspot Bass Box Pro 6 0 Full Version

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BASS box PRO 6 0 full VERSION Sunday Software ini akan banyak sekali membantu anda dalam merancang dan membuat box Speaker dengan kwalitas professional BassBox Pro is very versatile and can be used to design speakers for a wide variety of applications including home hi fi home theater car truck van pro sound reinforcement recording studio monitors stage monitors PA musical instruments etc Cara download via SkyDrive Click disini

Portable Mini Amplifier Speaker Instructables

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2 3 5mm stereo jack male 1 Potensio 5K 1 Potensio 1K 2 Potensio Knob optional 1 Resistor 10 Ohm 2 Ceramic Capacitor 0 01uF 1 Electrolit Capacitor 100uF 1 Electrolit Capacitor 220uF 1 Speaker 8 Ohm 0 5 0 6 watt a radio system and its new but got the lots of the that noise when my bass drops it could be to the power rates i use 1000mah 5v charger for psu section and i try more amps but it has a lot of distortioning it how i really clean the sound i

Building A Stereo Tube Amp Instructables

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The enclosure that I picked was an old cutlery box Honestly These are the rear speakers for my Home Theater Surround sound system but are doubling in use as my main speakers for the Tube Amp at this moment I am using these In a 1450sq ft house at full volume this amp is too loud to listen to when sitting in front of it but perfect if Im doing chores and cleaning the house up You will As a Pro member you will gain access to download any Instructable in the PDF format

How To Make A Fiberglass Subwoofer Box Instructables

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You should now take into consideration how much volume you will have in the speaker box itself If you are just Second if properly executed they can present a real custom look that will make your car audio system truly one of a kind This tutorial Even a small angleshift on a box will make the subwoofer sound better removing standing waves or something like that using more of its possible frequency range so you can hear feel everything that the bass is capable of producing

Behringer Ultra G Gi100

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Whether youre recording or on stage you need a great DI direct injection box to get your guitar sound to the console with full dynamics and power and free of noise The ULTRA G GI100 active DI box gives you all the full rock glory of a

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