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100,000 Solar-powered Leds Flow Down The Sumida River...

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At the Tokyo hotaru Festival, the sea of blue LED lights flowed past the Tokyo Sky Tree, a radio broadcast tower that waspleted in 2011 and is now the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa. is powered by seawater - and it's now street-legal in Whoah - this crazy floating house harnesses energy from waves! http://bit A live and work space in Venice Beach built with 14 upcycled shipping containers! http check out LimeMakers' gorgeous new 

Anime Geek...

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Then there appeared Penguin, another of hotaru's invention (which was said to have the same personality as Mikan). It was supposedly… hotaru places a mind-controlling cap over Narumi-sensei, and this forces him to bring them to Iinchou . As soon as A while later, Iinchou finally returned to the class and tells everyone that he'll be attending classes for the meantime even without an Alice since it wasn't contagious after all and is still under check-up. It also has a 

The Serialist Murders Mystery Girl

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Protagonist solves case by happenstance of simply being in right places at right times, check, he only does stuff after the main plot plays out, check, he doesn't really do anything at all but follow orders. Long sections where 


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XD hotaru-sama!!!) " The 3 boys were shocked to hear what hotaru said for covering up that she had no plans at all. Tsubasa thought that it was a brilliant 'reason'. The screen changes to between Mikan and Kojima. Mikan was . Sexual harrassment? Switch places with me!" said Tono from behind. "Tono-senpai, Misaki-senpai, Megane-senpai," said Mikan. Mikan then cried and hugged Tsubasa. "Tsubasa-senpai you idiot!!! I've looked everywhere! Even i went to the 

Defining 'moe'

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Particularly in hotaru's case, her character is seen by fans to trigger an instinctively protective, elder-brotherly response because of her delicately fragile design and personality traits – much how one might be inclined to take 

Main/clark Kenting

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The first movie have the girls figure out who was who after realizing they were going to places the others usually hung out at in their series. The second through fourth movies, their secrets are blown by .. As it'd be cumbersome for him to wear his costume in public atpany-sponsored parties, especially now that it's powered Armor, Kotetsu has to act as his Wild Tiger superhero identity outside of his powered Armor. It might have worked in his traditional costume, which looked a 

Back From The Dead

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So, think to my delight and gratefulness when I checked my stats and realized that it was still the case. To all of you, who came to read my posts even One is already out: hotaru The Movie: It's Only A Little Light In My Life. Though the second season really I've been in places without internet (like my local café… or my Dad's construction site in Kashmir… actually they do have internet there but it's so slow it's like not having it). Even a classmate of mine that works in 

What's So Offal About "unmentionable Cuisine"?

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There are the boats, fishing out on the ocean, with the high powered lights that draw the squid to the surface. Then they pull in thes, and glowing mounds of hotaru ika spill over the deck, into containers. Then suddenly it's 

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