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Social In Class

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Drive Safely On The Weekend, List You Should Follow...

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If you were injured in a vehicle accident, you may have the right to file a personal injury claim with the help of a personal injury attorney against the negligent party. Learn the proper steps to take in case you're ever involved in 

Amityville: Horror Or Hoax? (documentaries)

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Some people experience a lot of things for no reason at all other than the power of suggestion. Scepcop wrote: Didn't the author admit they made the whole story up one evening around the table with their lawyer because they were desperate for money? One doco I saw Could be an old Indian site, especially being on water. For example, the Lutz family claims that the boy's arm was injured when the window closed on it, so they had to take him to the hospital.

How Do You Put An Amount On This?

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I am an attorney but do not deal with serious personal injury lawsuits. That is left to attorneys who specialize 100% in such matters. I do know that the better personal injury lawyers have a good idea of what various injury and 


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What Kind Of Small Group Is Chandler Sharing Designed For...

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While Chandler was originally conceived as a general purpose personal information management tool, we realized early on that sharing and collaboration, particularly small-group collaboration needed to be integral to any 

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