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Safety Of Children With Bp Parent

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We maintained a very volatile relationship. As a teen I struggled with severe depression an eating disorders, and he was battling emerging alcoholism. A few years follwing my remission a trip with my mother and our daughter to the store for shoplifiting alcohol. That arrest probably saved his life bc I was able to get him on an emergency suicide hold at a psych hospital which was extended to a monthlong stay where they got his meds right and he was able to detox.

Boyfriend Dumped Me Forpulsive Lying, How Can I Get...

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He's 23 and a recovering alcholic. He catches me lying when I try drinking behind his back and I've noticed that I've been lying about a lot of small things as well. He said that there's people out there that don't need I'm really hurt because I was by his side throughout his whole treatment of trying to become sober and I even slept next to his side in the hospital when he was in detox. I feel so worthless right now. I don't know what to do or say to salvage my relationship,.

How Do I Stop Feeling Guilty For My Past?

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This is probably going to sound so cliche, but, I don't know how to get past the past. I hurt a lot of people while I was drinking and yet, I am drinking again. I knowgo to AA, can't do it, I have a very hard time being around 

I Am Almost Violently Angry When Sober?

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It is important to note that detoxing or stopping the use of alcohol on your own is not recommended, you must seek professional help. The chance of fatality during alcohol detoxification is high when unsupervised by a medical 

Cleansing Yourself Using The Ph Miracle Diet

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Toxins like caffeine, alcohol, pesticides, nicotine, antibiotics, preservatives and additives stay in the body longer and can cause damage. When these toxins are not cleared, you can experience parasites, dehydration and 

Seasonal Flu Vs Swine Flu

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Alcohol-based products that you rub on your hands are not enough to keep germs away. Influenza is primarily airborne and will enter your system via your nose and mouth's mucous membranes. So keep germ-free by keeping 

I Don't Feel Like Myself Lately..

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I don't feel like myself lately. a couple of weeks back, I had an intensely bad trip on mushrooms and followed up by some nights of drinking. About on Forget about drinking and go into "detox mode" for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Seroquel Prescribed For Valium Withdrawal?

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I'm undergoing alcohol detox in a private hospital for the fourth time. I've been on the benzos for 20 years now and can only get the Valium dose down to 20mg/day. My psychiatrist wants to use Seroquel to detox me off the 

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