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The Guide To Spotting Fake/counterfeit Vibram Five Fingers

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Once vibram caught production up to demand, it seems that we've seen the advent of sales on legitimate FiveFingers and sales sometimes up to 50% off. Seriously. It's usually on the stuff that is either being discontinued or 

Vibram Five Fingers Fan Stories

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A full listing of vibram five fingers fan user stories as documented through photos and firsthand accounts on If you think about it, chances are it's been done in Vibrams!

New Shoes By Ex-fivefingers Boss Tony Post Won't Look...

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The former chief executive of vibram USA, Tony Post, has returned to the footwear game with a freshly-funded startup called Topo Athletic.

Vibram Five Fingers Kso (keep Stuff Out)

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Complete guide to the vibram five fingers KSO. Basics, design, performance, reviews, user experiences, photos, and more. A one-stop shop for all information about this best-selling full-coverage vibram FiveFingers model!

Fila Skele-toes 2.0 Review

Diterbitkan pada Wednesday, 23 November 2011 Pukul 21.37

I have several friends who I have tried to get to wear vibram FiveFingers (with varying degrees of success). I showed them the Skele-Toes 2.0 and a couple said they were more likely to wear the The price is also significantly less than most of the FiveFingers styles available (Note: if you can find FiveFingers on sale, then the pricing becomes much morepetitive). This makes the Skele-Toes a good first pair to pick up if you are unsure about toe shoes and don't 

Wesc: Vibram Fivefingers (five Fingers) Best Practices

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 8 May 2012 Pukul 15.41

Them and remind you of gloves made for feet. These are the famous vibram FiveFingers "barefoot shoes." Well, they aren't… The retail for the KSOs at the time I bought mine (Jun 2011), was $85, but I got them on sale for $68+free shipping. Two: there are many counterfeits online. All the "real" color I know this because from a hot & humid 95F/35C indonesia, I went to a chilly 36F/2C Berlin right after. Anyway, YMMV. Good luck and enjoy!! Here I am to the left, 

Review Kso Trek Vibram Fivefingers

Diterbitkan pada Wednesday, 13 January 2010 Pukul 3.50

Back in September, I first got my feet in a pair of the kangaroo leather-clad, aggressively-lugged five fingers KSO Trek (See me unbox the vibram five fingers KSO Trek here and also my first impressions after a trail run in Trek FiveFingers [initial review] . At $125 MSRP in the U.S., the KSO Trek is not cheap, unfortunately, but if you're savvy, you should be able to find a pair on sale from a local retailer or on the internet (So keep your eyes open and shop around!).

Robin And Erik Take On Indonesia In Vibram Five Fingers

Diterbitkan pada Saturday, 14 November 2009 Pukul 4.48

Robin and Erik explore indonesia, getting a great feel for the place via their vibram five fingers. Photos of Robin and Erik gallivanting about indonesia in their vibram five fingers Find recent sales/deals on them here!

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