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Pusat Compas Suunto Di Balikpapan

Pusat Compas Suunto Di Balikpapan – Kompas Suunto Tandem
Deskripsi :
Kompas suunto tandem adalah kompas dan klinometer yang menyatu dalam satu alat, sehingga disamping bisa memberikan informasi kemiringan bisa juga memberikan informasi arah
• Optical Sighting Instrument for extreme accuracy
• Fast and Easy one-handed operation
• Jeweled bearing assembly: supports scale cards, assures long-lasting, accurate operation
• Damping liquid: surrounds scale cards, assures smooth, accurate and quick readings
• Parallax free lens: magnifies scale card graduations
• Compass scale is azimuth (0-360 degrees), graduated in 0.5 degree
• Reverse scale visible through the compass optics
• Compass is individually calibrated for an accuracy of ±0.25 degree
• Clinometer scale is in percent and degree (0-90 degrees, 0-150%), graduated in 0.5 degree/1% increments
• Clinometer is individually calibrated for an accuracy of ±0.25 degree
• Optical diopters for both compass and clinometer
• Two edges at 90 degrees for contact measurements
• Solid aluminum housing, resists rust and protects against impact
• Body has camera tripod threads

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